What Is The Retirement Game?

Picture this. But a more adult version.

The objective of the retirement game, is to become the richest player at the end.

You'll need to deploy financial intelligence, financial protection and financial accumulation to win the game.

Winners will go home with $100 - $500 cash. And more importantly, an assured retirement plan so you can live your dream retirement life.

Are you game?

Why Should I Play The Retirement Game?

In recent years, we see more Singaporeans, especially the elderly, who continue to work even after 65 years because their savings or monthly CPF payout is insufficient.

And for those who do retire, they live what we call a "restricted" lifestyle. They are limited by their wealth level, so instead of a dream vacation, they might have to settle for a lower cost one.

But why should be the case? We've worked hard during our earlier years. Shouldn't we enjoy life, the way we want to?

With the proper planning and infrastructure in place, you can retire in style. And live the life you want to live, not the life you have to live.

This is our mission - To help Singaporeans retire and live their dream life via financial intelligence, wealth protection and wealth accumulation.

I Want To Play The Retirement Game

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